Just have a look at this panorama picture  we took on a full moon night on top of lions head. Everybody who hasn’t walked up there really missed something! Sunset on the one side, moon rising on the other, the lights of the city waking up, creating a glowing carpet of light!

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  1. Do it move there! Although I can’t remember seeing all those big white signposts before! lol

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

    ps I’d love you to take part in our Picture The World Project

    • Nage sagt:

      AAAAAi ai ai Janine, my man is in ekstase oor die fotos hier op die wetbise. I wil die net so print ( en die een in die middel met die pragtige woorde) en in in raam pak Presies soos dit uiteengesit is op die webblad. So n lang langwerpige raam en in sy kantoor hang.Ek is so nuskierig om die ander te sien.

  2. henning sagt:

    Hi Si,

    you do not remember the huge signposts? they were constructed just a short while ago…phew, but I have to say, that 4000 meter x 1200 meter sign on table mountain is humongous! 🙂

    Love your „the world project“ and we will send you a picture for sure!

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