Standing on an extinct volcano in Iceland? The roaring steam bursting out of the ground, the rotten smell of sulfur in the air and the melting shoes on the hot ground tell another story!

I am sure you have a lot of questions about that wonderful country, now let’s try to answer some of them:

But it is so incredibly cold and it rains all the time?
It is not the Namib Desert, that’s true! But you wouldn’t hike through the Namib with gloves, moon boots and a thick jacket either! Just pack the right clothes, and you will be fine. In the 3 weeks we spent there, we had 3 days with some drizzle and one rainy day…that was all!

Where can I stay?
There are a lot of campsites, hotels and backpackers on the way. It is also no problem to camp somewhere in the loneliness.

What do I have to see?
There is a lot to see on this small island. It all depends on the time you have. If you only stay in Reykjavik, there are a lot of day trips like the golden circle, which includes the Geysir, Gulfoss waterfall and Thingvellir Nationalpark. If you have some time and a car, travel around the island, there are plenty of amazing things just next to the road!

Is it expensive?
Unluckily, yes. If you go camping and cook on your own, it is quite cheap. Backpackers are also quite affordable…but hotels are very pricy. Fresh vegetables or cheese are imported and very pricy. But some of it, like tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses, which are heated by geothermal power, and therefor are available at a reasonable price. Big tourist attractions like the Geysir or Gulfossare are free!

Do I have to speak Icelandic?
That would be a tough task. It is even impossible to read it loud correctly that somebody will understand you. But they all speak English fluently even in the most remotest parts of the country!

Is it dangerous?
Iceland has one of lowest crime rates worldwide. A small story: There was a murder some years ago….end of the story!

Part 1 of Iceland

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