Iceland was never on your bucket list?
Big mistake! Iceland is one of the most fascinating countries you can possibly imagine!
This little island with only 320 000 inhabitants and 103 000 m² holds surprises and adventures ready at every turn. The only bigger city is Reykjavik, a living and colorful town with friendly people, delicious food, museums worth visiting and a pulsing fresh vibe you will never forget.

There is only one big tarred road that circles the island, and if you want to stray from that path, you absolutely need a 4×4. We only had a „normal“ car, but even then, the wonders of nature that we came across blew our minds. The scenery changes around every corner, lush green fields, rugged mountains, valleys shaped by gigantic glaciers with its surreal turquoise ice, pointy volcanoes, roaring waterfalls with everlasting rainbows, seething mud pits disgorging sulphureous bubbles, black beaches under steep cliffs, hot steam bursting from the depth of our planets‘ center…If you ever want to know how Earth was created, Iceland is the perfect place to be.

This is the first of three videos and it is all about water.

Iceland from henning gawrisch on Vimeo.

Music by Ólafur Arnalds courtesy of nettwerk

Part 2 of Iceland

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