Drinking copious amounts of wine without moving a muscle cannot be the solution! You need to earn yourself all the pleasure and joy!  How about going back to where all the goodness has its beginning: the grapevine.

On the 2nd of February Môreson winefarm invited thirsty ones to join their blessing of the harvest. It all started with some Miss Molly Cap Classique at 10 o’clock, which is quite a great kick-off into a nice sunny day. Teams were formed, armed with clippers and crates, subsequently being released to invade the vineyard. After 20 minutes all the boxes were filled to the brim with Chenin grapes oozing of sticky sweet juice, then lined up in a row where they faced their destiny: to be thrown into wooden barrels and being stomped by naked feet to release their precious liquid treasure. Teams that produced the most juice and had the best performance won bottles of wine (we should have known that before, as one of the first groups in line we tried to separate the juice from the grape skins as well as possible… the teams that followed nearly filled everything in the buckets…damn!). We all did a great job and will see and taste the results at the end of the year, when we will receive a bottle of our self stomped wine which will be joyfully poured down our throats.

After all the work was done, the feast began as we invaded the buffet created by the magnificent masterminds behind Bread and Wine Vineyard Restaurant. Needless to say it was a mouthwatering experience and left nothing to be desired for as it catered for every palate … watermelon gazpacho, brown cap mushroom, mascarpone, leek & thyme tart, Italian coleslaw & pancetta, Spier chicken confit, chestnut & truffle terrine, pepper roasted rump … and the list goes on … of course not forgetting to round it all off with a glass of white wine… (We had some Môreson Dr Reason Why).

Môreson created a wonderful event with the „Blessing of the Harvest“. 450 R per person sounds a bit pricey at first, but it is absolutely worth every cent. We had an amazing day full of fun, food, drinks and many little games to play – members of our team even won two bottles of bubbles for their drawings for the wine lable .

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  1. Thanks for the great review of our Blessing of the Harvest experience. Hopefully we’ll see you again at next year’s event!

  2. Lauren Ann McCarthy sagt:

    AWESOME! :)))

  3. […] Hidden behind some lemon plantations you’ll find the beautiful venue of Moreson (morning sun). The food prepared by Neil Jewel and his team at Bread & Wine is absolutely mouthwatering. For those of you who only want a quick bite, you can share one of their fantastic pizzas served at The Farm Grocer, next to the restaurant. (Also, you shouldn’t miss their annual “Blessing of the Harvest”. Check out out our blog post about it: The Blessing Of The Harvest) […]

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