Isn’t it obvious to start surfing when you live in Cape Town, one of the hottest surf spots in the world? Also you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, incredibly fearless or part of a super cool surf-gang to catch some waves.

Being in the water for some hours every weekend, trying to jump on your board and avoid falling off for some seconds is so much fun. The learning curve is quite steep and after some days you will realize very quickly how much you improve. You will never forget the first time you stand on the board, floating on the liquid beneath you, pushed by the power of nature.

I surfed a couple of times before we came here, but the possibilities in Germany are quite scarce. You have to travel to France or Spain to find the nearest spot to catch some waves. About 2 years ago, I gave Jasmin some surf lessons as a birthday present with Stoked School of Surf and it did not take long to become stoked (Thanks to you Michelle, you did a great job and the lessons were absolutely fantastic). After renting wetsuits and boards for some weeks we decided to make surfing one of our favorite weekend activities, bought some nice wetsuits, designed our own boards and had them shaped by Dave van Ginkel – DVG Shapes (Also thanks to you for these incredible boards, we admire your work!)

As we do not surf big waves and avoid paddling around reefs, Muizenberg or Big Bay are good spots to start. Muizenberg is much warmer, because it gets the offshoot of the Indian Ocean. The waves are quite small (if you do not paddle out too far) and there are always people around. In summertime these places are quite packed, but you will always find a spot, away from the pointy tips of some suicidal surfers!

Don’t be afraid of sharks! The Shark-Spotters are doing an amazing job and with them on the guard, you are absolutely safe in the water!

So what are you waiting for? Head out to the beach and visit one of the surf schools to get your surfing fix. You won’t regret it!!

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