Cirrus my friend, where have you been? Stratocumulus, long time no see! Cumulonimbus, Nimbostratus, Cumulus Mediocris and Cumulus Humilis…so good to see you again.
So many difficult names for these liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water, drifting through our atmosphere. Always on the move, dissolving into thin air and resurrecting out of the blue, creating thin layers and big towers, shapes of animals, faces and just things, a floating concrete mass of water in the sky, but nonetheless so light and vulnerable.

We spent the weekend staying in the beautiful stone cottages of Onverwacht, hidden in the hills somewhere near McGregor. The rustic accommodations are equipped with candles, oil lamps, a gas stove and a gas fridge, you won’t even notice there is no electricity. The front row views of glorious sunsets, rolling flocks of clouds scattered in the sky and breathtaking outlooks of Boesmanskloof and the Robertson wine valley let you wind down entirely making you forget the hustle and bustle of city life. Spoilt for choice with the countless hiking trails throughout the valley, perfect for short trips or 2-day hikes from Greyton to Mcgregor, you’ll surely get your nature fix.


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