Thick white fog embraces us, while we climb higher and higher. A journey into the unknown, maneuvering our car around the tight bends, as suddenly the clouds unveil the long-awaited sign: Sani Pass!

Exposed to the elements, the weather at 2865 metres above sea level is unpredictable. Glancing down the gorge with its meandering path you came up yesterday, blinded by the light you close your eyes, just to realize you are surrounded by a thick haze just a split second later. The arising cold makes you withdraw to the cozy fireplace, a couch and a nice hot drink next to the tiny bar. You sit down while intense hail is hammering against the windows. Fading away just in time to make space for a magnificent sunset!

If you want to experience the loneliness and beauty of the Sani Pass you have to be quick. Soon it’ll be buried under wide tarred road, a double story visitors center and the feet of millions of tourists.

Where we stayed:
We stayed in one of the traditional rondavels at the Sani Mountain Lodge, situated on top of Sani Pass.
The food is great (except for scrambled eggs…don’t know what went wrong there…), the staff friendly and the cozy pub – at 2874 meters above sea level, the highest in Africa – spoils you with a magnificent view.
There is no electricity between 10pm and 6am, but who needs more than candlelight and a stove filled with glowing coal!

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