WHAT? South Africa is planning to build SIX brand new and ‘shiny’ NUCLAR POWER PLANTS

I grew up in Germany about 20km away from a nuclear power plant. An imginary line ran through the forest, just outside our village, which described a radius around the plant. In case of a fallout, everything inside this circle had no chance of survival! Phew, we were such lucky bastards to be juuuuuust outside! We would have been able to run and die a couple of days later. Also every household had to have emergency iodine tablets, to take immediately after an accident. For me as a kid that was a very scary thing!

And then the Chernobyl incident happened! 1.550 km away from me! And turned my sheltered childhood upside down! From the moment it happened we were all not allowed to go outside while it was raining! Playing in the sandbox was an absolute no-go! The sand was contaminated and had to be replaced (South Africa has a lot of ‘sandboxes’). Fruit and vegetable had to come out of greenhouses (just imagine: NO GRAPES (AKA WINE!!!) IN THE WESTERN CAPE), foraging mushrooms, picking cherrys, building rain shelters in the forest…that all was impossible for many years!

I read the news, dumbstruck, and I don’t hear anyone complaining! South Africa and Russia! Wow….what a great partner! I am speechless!

Where are you … cauliflower pizza base eaters? … tree huggers? … green poppers?… rhino savers? … waste controllers?… safari people? … artisan bread bakers? … moaners and complainers? … trail runners? … outdoor people? … rugby fans? … wine drinkers? … cat Lovers? … humans?

In a time where something new and wonderful happens every day in the field of renewable energies, do you really want to support a highly dangerous power? A power that COULD DESTROY everything you love? A power that WILL create waste that will NOT decompose like a plastic bottle (in hundreds of years) you threw in the bush last week and you still feel bad about! Imagine what South Africa could do with up to R1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) that supposedly will be spent on the nuclear deal with Russia!!!!

Stand up and raise your voice! This is madness and should not be the future of your beautiful country!

Support Greenpeace on their endeavour to stop the government from going ahead with these plans – sign their petition.

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