Hello, my name is Henning!
Now, this was the easy part (except for the people that can’t spell my name…). I was born and raised in a little village in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Germany. Both my parents were teachers, so they went on holidays constantly (excuse the prejudice, but that’s exactly how it felt like as a child) and of course they owned the obligatory VW T2 Camper in orange. That meant 6 weeks of traveling to the most isolated areas with no tourists, no hotels, no campsites and no comfort every single summer. Either sitting in a Bedouin tent and having dinner with the hooded desert people, sleeping in a remote hut with ten gnarly and bearded Norwegian fishermen or driving on the remains of a coastal road fearing to fall off the 50 meter cliff straight into the Black Sea! I loved it! That’s how I traveled the whole of Europe before the age of 13.
I worked in Berlin, studied design in Zürich/Switzerland and ended up in Düsseldorf developing computer games. But every holiday I was drawn out of town, into the wild. I walked along the cliffs of Moher in Ireland, dangled my feet over the edge of the 600m high Preikestolen in Norway and gazed at the never ending sunset of the Icelandic highlands.
Jasmin and I met in Düsseldorf. I got immersed in her travel stories … fell in love with her and after some time we decided we should give in to our itchy feet.


Descending from a Iranian mom and a German dad, while I was born and raised in South Africa meant I got to travel to the places of my parents‘ origin quite a few times in my young years. Later on traveling overseas wasn’t on the agenda that frequently but the family did a lot of exploring the South African beauties – from trips to the Kruger, vacations by the Wild Coast or a cross country tour to Cape Town. Fond memories that etched themselves into my heart. In my teens my family moved to Germany. Living in Europe I was able to visit bordering countries for a day trip or enjoy a weekend in London, Copenhagen or Barcelona.
After school I decided I wasn’t ready for the rat race just yet, saved up some money, packed my bags and set off to explore the world. Now that was an adventure that taught me a lesson or two. I travelled to the US and Mexico followed by a longer stay in London and eventually Thailand. Although I could have gone on forever, inevitably it was time to go back home and become responsible. I am not sure the last part quite worked out as I always continued dreaming of traveling and exploring the world, specially Africa – the place I truly love most.
I met my perfect match in Henning who enjoys extensive traveling equally as much as I do. Together we are on a mission to explore and discover what this beautiful world of ours has to offer. And if it can be done in a tent – even better!